The Land Down Under & the Lord of the Rings

Goodbye Canada, for now.

I have another opportunity to work from home. My colleagues from the New Zealand Trade and Austrade offered me to coordinate their joint-event here in Cebu.

While I almost said no due to not having time, my supportive husband encouraged me to take on the project. He even filed for leave on the days when I would need to be at the event. I am so blessed with a husband who is willing to look after our son while I work. He felt my excitement when I read the tasks I had to do. He knows I miss the kind of work I used to do for the Embassy. I am grateful for a husband who makes sure I still have a life other than being his wife and a mother to Javi.

Reading the small change #2 actually helped me decide to accept the offer. This is an opportunity to practice prioritizing and putting order in my life.

I will be busy the next couple of weeks. Let me put what I learned from the first two small changes to practice.

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