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This is is a long overdue post. It had been crazy busy life. The keyboard on our netbook needed to be repaired. It won't type the letter "C."

I have been a follower of American TV series for as long as I can remember. Even the crappy shows. Knight Rider. Wonder Woman. 90210. Melrose Place. Friends. Sex and the City. Alias. There are too many that I cannot remember all of them.

Thanks to today's technology I can follow my favorite shows and watch them when I have the time wherever I am.

Season finales make me sad. It means I'd have to wait for a few more months until I see my favorite characters again.

I follow six shows: 24, Brothers and Sisters, Glee, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy and Lost.

Now how do I feel about this year's season finales (24 and Lost will be tackled more thoroughly in a separate post as both shows have ended) --

Brothers and Sisters

Who doesn't love the crazy but endearing Walkers? I tell myself I want a family like the Walkers. The Walker siblings are as close as can be. At troubling times, you could see them support each other. Nora Walker glues the family together. She has authority and her children despite the fact that they are full grown adults still obey and respect her. In season 4, we saw Kitty battle cancer and get on the campaign trail. Sarah fell in love with a gorgeous French man. Kevin is now jobless, and we felt his pain as he found out something about his past. We did not see much of Tommy as he is mostly away to be closer to her daughter. Rebecca and Justin final got married. Nora wanted to sell Ojai and we later said goodbye to Ojai Foods. The finale is very tragic. We won't be seeing a very important (and handsome) character in the next season.


I learned about Glee from Twitter. People would not stop talking about it. I found out why when I watched the first episode. I was instantly hooked. I listened to their songs over and over again on my last few weeks of pregnancy. I really thought my son would be screaming to the tune of "Don't Stop Believing" when he comes out. The show is similar to High School Musicale but even better in my opinion. Be still my heart, Mr. Will Schuester. I'm giving away my age as I'm having a crush on the teacher than Finn or Puck. Will tries to keep the New Directions for as long s he can. There's star singer Rachel Berry who has got to be the most annoying person in Glee then later you felt her pain when she found her mother. Glee won't Glee without Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Tina. My favorite character is Sue Sylvester. Don't you just love her in the finale. I always knew she has a soft spot after learning she has a sister with down syndrome. I like the fact that New Directions did not win the Regionals. This mean a bigger season two. I am looking forward to watching our very own Charice on Glee.

Gossip Girl

Of the six shows I follow, this one I watch for entertainment purposes only - mostly for the wardrobe, accessories and the eye candies. Theirs is a life I wouldn't want - the life of the Eastsiders. Yet I am somewhat hooked. My favorite character is Blair Waldorf. She is beautiful, deceiving but somewhere in her feisty image she is endearing. I particularly like her relationship with Dorota. And I just knew the right man for her is Chuck Bass. Season three made me despise Jenny, Serena and even Vanessa. Relieved that Lily and Rufus are still married. And what was that surprise Georgina sprang on Dan? Let's see if Season 4 will be better in story and values.

Grey's Anatomy

What I do not like about Grey's is how the actors leave the show when I am already attached to their characters. And I am glad there is no major character who is leaving. We all know about Izzie Stevens leaving so she is not counted. I seriously think Meredith Grey is finally maturing. I'm seeing less and less of her whiny self. McDreamy and McSteamy still capture my heart. Oh and McSteamy has got to be the hottest grandfather ever. Season 6 introduces new characters such as Teddy and this mysterious but cute Jackson Avery. Derek is now Chief of Surgery. In the end, the one with authority is still Richard Webber. Grey's Season 6 finale is heart stopping. I thought I was watching 24. Seriously.

While my favorite shows are on break, I will take this time to read and catch up on movies on my to watch list.

Can't wait for fall season.

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