Two Days Off

What's with the number two? And why is it gracing the title of my blog for two consecutive days? It is purely coinciden tal, or maybe lack of a better title.

For those who watched Sex & the City 2, you know what "two days off" means. To those that didn't watch "two days off" was Big/John's solution to a problem in his marriage with Carrie. His idea was to take two days each week to do whatever the each of them want to do separately then the remaining five would be spent together doing things a married couple does. This was prompted when Carrie took two days off in her old apartment to finish the book she was writing after which things got better with her and Big. I was appalled when I heard Big's "solution. This is why Sex & the City should never serve as a moral compass to its viewers. In the end though, I tend to nod my head when I saw Charlotte taking a break from motherhood and applying the "two days off" rule. Yes, mothers - especially full-time mothers - deserve time off. It doesn't need to be two days, a couple of hours works for me.

My favorite scene was when the two mothers, Charlotte and Miranda, talked about the difficulties of motherhood over drinks. I love how they kept on assuring each other that motherhood is the greatest thing and how they love their children. However, motherhood is not easy. And then they toasted to those mothers who do it full-time without help because the two of them have nannies. When I heard that, I wanted to raise the plastic cup I was drinking and engage the two ladies in a toast.

While I enjoyed watching Sex & the City, I always remind myself that I watch the ladies purely for entertainment only. Couldn't keep my eyes off those wardrobe and accessories. I also agree with them that girlfriends are an essential part of a woman's life in whatever stage a woman is - single ladies, wife or mother. But never to the extent that girlfriends are more important than the husband or children.

I make time for my best girls. I need them. I am a wife first, then a mother, then the girlfriends fit somewhere. I promised myself I will not let motherhood stop me from going out with my friends. Motherhood did not transport me to another planet. My girlfriends are single ladies, married women, new mothers like me, more experienced mothers and older women. I learn from each one of them - similar interests, values and faith. We talk like there's no tomorrow over lunch, coffee & dessert, after-dinner drinks or even play dates with our little ones. It's times like those when I opt to use my "two days off."

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