Sun, Sea and Sand

We love out of town trips. Having a infant did not slow us down. Although we have to consider the needs of our son. I am pleased to learn that there are many baby-friendly places/resorts everywhere.

We took off this Labor Day weekend for some time in the beach. It would be good to expose Javi to the sun, sea and sand.

I have been so used to packing for the little boy that I put up our travel check list on Javi's Tumblr site. Since there is no yaya, we do not scream, "I wish yaya was here!" when we take our little trips. We enjoy every minute with the little boy.

His first time swimming in sea water.

Javi Loves the Beach from Irma Arricivita on Vimeo.

My two greatest loves

I also love watching my two boys bond. Jed works long hours. So to see him spend this much time with Javi makes me very happy. Jed feeds him, gives him a bath. They swim together. Giving baby a bath when we're away from home can be very tricky. And I say my husband is very creative.

We love discovering Javi's new tricks. On this trip, his favorite activity is rolling over until he gets tired. It's also very hard to take a decent photo of the three of us with either Jed or me holding the camera as Javi loves touching/grabbing our faces or the things he sees.

Edit: I failed to list down the little things that made this trip special.
  1. I had a full body massage while my two boys watched the sunset.
  2. I ordered a margarita which took me a very long time to finish. This signals my drinking days are over.
  3. We all slept in. I slept as early as 9:30 in the evening on the first night. Woke up at 1:30AM though then after an hour of internet time, I went back to sleep. On our third morning, we woke up at 7:30AM. Yes, even the little boy slept that long.
  4. I took a break from house chores.
One day our little adventure will take us around the world. I just know it. I have faith.

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  1. Javi is so cute! :) I'm happy that you are happy. I miss you.


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