Work From Home

One of my goals this year is to be able to work from home.

I had been blessed that Food Beverage Canada hired my services to arrange their program in both Manila and Cebu. It was exactly the type of work that I do for the Embassy except that I could work on it from home. All I need is a laptop, internet connection, cellphone and TIME. I told them right away how I could not be present at their events as I am a full-time mother. Well, they agreed to my terms.

They hired me to liaise with the hotels, arrange supermarket tours, work on the one-on-one meetings in the two cities. I had the opportunity to work with my former office. I missed the work itself.

My biggest challenge was time management. Keep in mind that I am also taking care of a baby and running a household. There's no other word to describe the scenario other than chaotic. I would be in a middle of a phone conversation then Javi decided he wanted to cry. Or I would be writing e-mails at 2AM and my eyes were literally shutting. off It was exhausting.

But I pulled everything together. I accompanied my group around the supermarkets here in Cebu last Sunday while my dearest husband looked after Javi.

Last stop at Metro Gaisano supermarket

It felt good to hear words such as, "Good job, Irma!" and "Excellent work." Of course the paycheck helped a lot, too.

Someday when Javi goes to school, I want to go back to this kind of work, or maybe something similar.

I did not plan on going to the one-on-one meetings in Cebu. But this lady from Food Beverage Canada told me to pass by and bring my little boy with me. Don't you just love the Canadians for understanding my predicament?

Yesterday, I brought my little boy to the meeting venue and he was immediately the darling of the group.

With Andrea of FBC

With Auntie Missy from Get Sauced, Ltd

Let's see if there would be more projects in the future. But of course, my priority would always be taking care of Javi.


  1. Wow!Superwoman! I'm happy that God granted your request and I'm happy that you executed your job well. :) Good job indeed.

  2. Thank you, Malou! By God's grace lang talaga.


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