Shiny Happy People

I have reached this stage in my life where all I want to attract are all things positive. Enough of the rants, gossip and bad news.

Negativity please go away. You are not welcome in my life.

I gave up reading blogs of local celebrities as I found of them very superficial. I am looking for more substance.

Right now, I need inspiration.

I need shiny happy people in my life.

Those I would learn from as I go through my everyday life as a wife and mother. As all of you know, taking care of my family is my priority. It is essential that I read more about marriage, parenting, home management, personal development and Christianity.

Blogs are my new magazines. I look froward to new entries of those people I follow. Some of my favorite blogs are by those people I know - my friends. But most of them are either friends of friends or those that friends regularly read. I hardly know these people. But their lives have become an inspiration.

My favorites are --

1. My friend Samantha's blog where she shares her life and unwavering faith in God

2. Blogs that help me with my faith:
3. I call this next category as my motherhood survival guide. These ladies are full-time mothers like me who take care of their child/children by themselves. They are all beautiful and glamorous.
  • My friend Charlie who will become Canada's very own Martha Stewart
  • I discovered Kelle Hampton's blog when I read her daughter Nella's birth story. It moved me and that prompt me to read her blog regularly.
  • Sam has a friend named Liz and I just admire how she takes on cheerfully her role as a wife and mother in Hawaii. Her faith in God is infectious.
4. Pastor Paolo Punzalan's wife Jenn (another friend of Samantha) keeps this blog which is full of information and where she shares her thoughts on parenting based on the Bible. I learned a lot the first time I checked her blog.

5. I subscribed to Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP. Today's newsletter is all about lunch boxes and the healthy food that goes inside it.

May they write more substantial and inspiring topics. They can count on me to read their blogs.


  1. Kelle Hampton! Idol di ba? Don't you just want to take gorgeous pictures everyday? And did you see her daughter's photo book? :-)

    I hope to introduce you to Liz when she visits Manila in July -- if that is even possible. I think you'll be such great friends.

    I also owe a lot of my spiritual growth because of my relationship with Ate Jenn Punzalan. I really miss going to her small group.

  2. I just love Kelle Hampton since I started reading her blog. She's one superwoman. I love that she's a real person who worries about the laundry, who bathes her daughter in the bathroom sink, who struggles with a stroller, two daughters and a grocery cart.

    I hope I'd have the chance to meet Liz on July. Or at some point in the future. It's because of her that I discovered your Ate Jenn's blog.

    They are the kind of women I need in my life right now.


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