Green Day

Today is Green Day because --

It's Earth Day.

We only have one Earth, let's take care of it.

I will start with minimizing my usage of plastic bags. When I mastered this I will move on to more meaningful tasks.

The 2010 Presidential election is less than three weeks away. I choose this day to shout to the world who I picked as my Presidential candidate.

Sulong Gibo!

For a whole lot of reasons. Intelligence. Character. Integrity. Respectful. RH Bill. Man of Action.

Photo credit: Pete Marvin Panares (

He studied from my alma mater, De La Salle University.

And that was the deciding factor when my choice was down to two candidates. Of course, I picked someone after my own heart.

However, I still do not know if I can vote. I am registered in Bulacan and I am here in Cebu. I failed to register here as I was undergoing postpartum that time. Let's see if by some miracle, I'd end up in Bulacan on election day.

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