Mang Jimmy

Our family/company driver for so many years passed away last night. He died of a heart attack on the day of his wife's birthday.

It happened that fast.

My friends know him as Mang Jimmy. My siblings and I call him Jimmy, sometimes Jimmy Boy. He had been with our family long before my father met my mother. Yes, he was serving our family for more than half his life.

If Sharon Cuneta had Yaya Luring. our family had Jimmy Boy.

He initially lived in San Juan with his family then he moved to Bocaue to be closer to our family. Because my dearest father never learned how to drive. And he was dependent on a driver. Jimmy and his family settled in Bocaue and they lived their lives there.

Jimmy saw me grow up --
  • as a baby
  • as a little kid whom he would drive to the pediatrician almost every weekend
  • to a high school student with my friends making that trip to Manila during summer vacation
  • to a college student he would bring to the dorm every Sunday evening, pick up every Friday afternoon and wait for when I go on gimmicks
  • to an employee of the Canadian embassy whom he drove to Makati for 10 long years even after my father died in 2000
  • to a wife who lived in Dansalan Garden whom he'd bring goodies almost every week from my mother in Bulacan
  • to a mother to Javi as he'd pick us up from the airport every time we arrived from Cebu and he would drive us around to see my friends
I could not forget the time when my father passed away and he never left our family to find a job elsewhere. We both would end up crying in the car from Makati to Bulacan during the first few weeks.

For my wedding, I was so surprised when he handed me a cash gift. My instant reaction was to return the money. I couldn't take anything from him. Then he told me to take it, "May pera naman ako (I have money)." Yes, he probably had more money than me.

Most of my friends, classmates & co-workers know him. Especially since I have not been driving in Manila. Well almost everyone who knew my family know who he is in our lives.

I was putting Javi to sleep late evening when Jed read me the text from my brother. I felt very sad. It was like losing a family member. But his life wasn't pitiful. His family was doing okay. All his four children are all grown-up. He has a number of grandchildren. He was not ill nor sick of anything grave. I am so glad he didn't have to suffer any kind of illness. I believe he lived a fulfilled life.

Then the feeling finally sunk in. I ended up crying. The next time we visit Manila, he will no longer be there to pick us up from the airport nor drive us around to see friends and relatives.

It's almost 3 o'clock in the morning and I am here typing my grief away.

Thank you for his life. For the many years that he had served our family. For his undying loyalty.

Rest in peace, Jimmy.


  1. I can feel you Irma and I wanna cry with you too. I pray for comfort for all of you and for his family as well.

  2. naiyak ako irma, this entry is beautiful!

    RARE ang mga katulad ni Mang Jimmy, he was truly a blessing to your family, in a way it's very comforting to know he didn't suffer any kind of pain.


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