Lovin' My Sunday

Despite waking up at 4:30 in the morning, this day proved to be full of simple joys. Since I had so much time that I decided to tidy my wallet. I opened this envelope with receipts given to me by Neyza more than a week ago. To my surprise, I found these lovely items inside.

She made me a personalized gift tag and blank card. I love it!!!! I immediately thanked her. And asked for the file so I could print more. I can't wait to get started on my name card. I just have to find the perfect paper for me.

I got to cross off two items on my Manila checklist.

#2 - I got a haircut.

A short one. By Ogie Rayel of Kiehls. Ogie is my hairstylist at my wedding. I ditched my hair stylist for more than 5 years. Now this is what happens when I try to be frugal. I only paid a fraction of what I usually pay and the haircut is what I really had in mind. I only told Ogie that I want a shorter hair. He even thought me how I could style my new 'do. Let's pray that I remember what he told me. I love it!!!

#1 - Javi finally has his car seat.

Trying out his car seat. He was sleeping before I put him down thus the crying incident.

The car seat buying has become a saga. I scouted for the perfect car seat for Javi. I visited every major mall in QC, Makati and Madaluyong. A good car seat is hard to find in the Philippines. I decided to buy the Chicco Zenith car seat from Rustans only to find out that: (1) the actual price was more expensive than what was relayed to me by the sales attendant, (2) the age range was wrong and (3) Google did not have very good things to say about the particular model. I returned the car seat the next day. I ended up with a merchandise credit at Rustan's. Thank heavens a kind-hearted couple decided to buy all the GCs. God bless their hearts.

Jed was now supposed to purchase the car seat from Melbourne while he was there. He almost bought this very affordable but then he encountered problems with LBC so we scratched that "brilliant" idea. I was still at Shangri-la Plaza when Jed texted me about the challenge with LBC. My sister and I passed by Mothercare and to my delight the car seat I was eyeing now more colors other than pink. The store placed my order and I would pick it up this weekend.

Voila, we got a Britax First Class car seat. And as I was paying, I found that it was cheaper by 3,500 pesos. All I can say is the Lord really had a hand on this.


  1. I love the hair and I love the car seat. :)

  2. Thank you, Malou!! I love that it's short. Perfect for the summer heat. :-)


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