Crossing Off My Manila Checklist

My list of thirteen things I want to do in Manila has been crossed off - easily.

1. Bought a carseat. Britax First Class Si from Mothercare in Shangri-la Plaza mall. Full story of the search on Tumblr.

Javi trying on his car seat.

2. Got a haircut. I ditched my hairstylist of several years and switched to Ogie Rayel of Kiehls. Ogie had been my hair stylist for years and during my wedding, but he has never given me a haircut. I gave him minimal instructions and he cut it just the way I want it.

3. Checked out La Senza. And went home with a few goodies. I am due to buy new lingerie (translation: I cannot fit into my old ones.)

4. Dentist appointment. I went to the dentist twice on this trip. It was a good thing that I visited my dentist, my gums are very weak post partum.

While waiting for my turn at the dentist

5. Ate at Mr. Jones. With Neyza and Ate Eppie. I HEART Mr. Jones. I wanted to eat there for a second time but the place was full.

6. Sugarhouse's Concorde cake. Now this cake deserves an entire blog entry.

7. Met Rob and Sam before they leave for the US. Sam invited us over her parents' house for a small dinner to celebrate her birthday. I will miss seeing her and Rob when they leave for the US next month.

Photos from Sam and Rob

8. Met the people I regularly see when I visit Manila
I failed to take a photo with Malou & Isaiah and Mia.
9. Met the rest of my friends/relatives
10. Bonded with the new people in my life
11. Spent time with my family

12. Picked out paper for my name card. A Laura Ashley paper from Fully Booked. It's not exactly the same design but something similar. My friend Neyza is currently working on the design and template. I will blog about the finished product later.

Photo from

13. Met with business contacts. I had meetings with my former office and with the hotel where the group I am assisting is staying.

Meeting venue of the mission

There goes my lucky thirteen.

Mission accomplished and more.

*I got to drive around Bulacan and was even brave enough to get on EDSA alone.
*I visited my high school best friend who happens to be a dermatologist for some procedure.
*I brought Javi to the airport to see Jed while in Manila for a few hours layover.

It was an exhausting but fulfilling.

Till our next trip!

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