Welcome Back to Manila!

Bulacan would be our home for the next three weeks while Jed is away. I couldn't believe that I'm actually missing our place in Cebu. And of course, my husband.

The flight to Manila was not dreadful. Javi was an angel. He slept through most of the flight but when he was awake he was exchanging smiles and coos with our Korean girl seatmate. I had no problem using the wash room twice. I am loving the wash room for disabled as it can fit a stroller and I can do whatever peacefully. I am praying that the same thing would happen on our way back.

Javi waiting at the departure area for boarding time.

Days One and Two went well. I am gradually crossing off my Manila checklist one by one. Posting the list actually worked as friends are helping me by choosing an activity from the list.
I wanted our schedule to be more relaxed than our previous trip. We were set to head back to Bulacan by 5:30pm. Then the most unfortunate thing happened. Traffic in EDSA held us up and we reached Bulacan three hours after. My dearest son managed to do everything in the span of three hours - cry, sleep, wake up, feed, peed, pooped, changed diaper, sleep again. I was changing his diaper while we were stuck in Meralco Avenue. I couldn't wait until the nearest gas station as he wouldn't stop crying. And who knows what time we'll reach the closest one.
Traffic jam

Manila is a nightmare when it comes to traffic. Makes me miss good ol' Cebu.

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