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Jed is off for another business trip. No, make that that trips as he is flying to two countries one after the other. He will be away for a total of three (long) weeks. Javi and I have no choice but to travel to Manila. We wouldn't want to be alone here in Cebu. That would be sad. Security wise, it seems safer to be in Bulacan with my family.

While the thought of going to Manila used to give me this thrill and excitement to see friends and relatives, to dine at my favorite restaurants and to go around the different malls to check out the merchandise, that has changed when Javi came into our lives. After last month's trip alone with Javi, I dread riding the plane again. He was an angel on the way to Manila. But on the way back here, he woke up mid-flight and decided to be fussy and he ended up crying.

Traveling with an infant is difficult. No wonder airlines charge very minimal out of pity to those traveling with the baby. I have so many lessons learned from our last trip which would help make this upcoming trip less stressful.

We will not be checking in luggage. I checked the courier rates and compared it with extra ticket price and excess baggage costs. I made some computations and, believe it or not, it would be more cost effective to send our personal effects thru the courier. And it would be easier for me as I need not wait for our luggage anymore. What prompted this decision was the fact that there are no porter assistance in the baggage claim area of NAIA Terminal 3. We could breeze out of the airport less harassed.

I packed our things earlier for delivery to LBC tomorrow. I want our stuff to arrive the same day as our flight.

I weighed all three bags and it's about 20 kilos.

I also bought this clear plastic envelope to put the airport essentials such as the e-ticket, ID, Javi's birth certificate and cash. This would make my life easier as there's no need to open the big diaper bag. Remember that I would be juggling Javi, the diaper bag, and the stroller alone. So all those time savers are most welcome.

I keep on praying that Javi would behave on both flights. Otherwise, our co-passengers on the plane would have to endure listening to my baby cry. I hope that what people say is true, that when the baby is cute, then the crying is forgivable. I am a mom. I would definitely assume that Javi is cute and more.

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