The Story of My Fatness

I am terrified to get big. It disturbs me how some clothes cannot fit and do not look good on me anymore. I was very emotional when I tried on clothes at the mall and nothing looks good. Jed knows this very well. And I even blamed his eating style as it is not helping me lose weight.

I am very sensitive when all people could say to me was that I gained weight. Don't you think I already know that? You do not need to rub it in. A manghihilot even predicted that I am on the road to fatness. According to her, that is why my body is telling her. Excuse me!?! I refuse to receive such claim.

I looked longingly at this lady at the resort's health club last weekend. She was running on the treadmill then lifted weights after. And there I was with Javi in my arms waiting for Jed to finish with his haircut.

Last Friday, I visited my old gym, Fitness First Platinum in RCBC. I really wanted to cry. I saw my Body Combat instructor and I just want to hide at the women's locker as I am sure he has never seen me this big.

There was this Marie France billboard on EDSA of Dawn Zulueta saying she already lost 20 pounds. I texted Jed and told him that if we ever won the lottery (Ha! We don't play the lotto.), I would enroll in Marie France.

I could not give up on food. I love to eat. And that was why I was killing myself at the gym before because I could not diet and give up certain food group.

But how I can go to the gym with a baby with me? I do not want to get a yaya just to be able to go to the gym. If only we lived in Manila then my mother could easily look after him.

Last night, my dearest friend Samantha gave me hope. She said the answer to my problem is a Wii Fit. That is probably the best advice I have heard. I am instantly sold. I already told Jed about it and we would save to buy it.

I am already excited. I can't wait to work out again. I will make time when Javi is sleeping or he would just have to be entertained while I do my moves.

Time to save money!


  1. Love this post! I know women like myself can relate to this pressing issue.

    First of all, in my eyes you are not fat. In fact, the pregnancy weight you gained is within reason and I know losing it is achievable.

    Second, it is only a matter of time until you feel great again! I will say this again, I HIGHLY recommend investing in Wii Fit.

    Your heroic choice to be a full-time hands-on mom is amazing and I know Wii will be able to accommodate the current season of your life (which will probably last for a few years). And it does save you money in the long run since gym fees add up in a ridiculous amount over time.

    Do save up for the Wii console (they have a default boxing game too that BURNS calories -- I swear by it) + the Wii Fit. I think they just released the Wii Fit Plus which is probably a more improved version :-)

    I know how disciplined you are so I believe you will be able to maximize this "gadget".

    Added bonus: you can buy kid-friendly games when Javi is older -- another way for you and your son to bond in the future!

  2. Thank you so much, Sam. And for having so much faith in me. I need people like you - those who encourage and motivate me. :-)

    I'm so touched with what you said.


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