My Manila Checklist

We will be in Manila for three weeks. We are staying in Bulacan though so planning meet-ups in Manila would be kind of challenging. Lesson learned again, I no longer want to tire Javi the way I did the last time. Poor baby. And poor mommy.

I do not have a schedule yet. I will probably play it by ear.

Some of my dear friends do not even know we will be in Manila. Please do not get hurt. I am still trying to find ways to see friends and relatives which wouldn't leave the two of us exhausted.

I already have a mental checklist of what I hope to accomplish while in Manila --
  1. buy a carseat
  2. get a haircut
  3. check out La Senza
  4. dentist appointment
  5. eat at Mrs. Jones
  6. Sugarhouse's Concorde cake
  7. meet Rob and Sam before they leave for the US
  8. meet the people I regularly see when I visit Manila
  9. meet the rest of my friends/relatives
  10. bond with the new people in my life
  11. spend time with my family
  12. pick out paper for my name card
  13. try to meet business contacts
That's my lucky 13. Can't think of anything anymore. I am sleepy. It's midnight.

This is a running list anyway. So I can add or delete as I wish.

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