The Gratitude Challenge (Day 8): Postcards!

"Send thank you notes to five people who deserve a little recognition."

I picked out postcards which would be my "thank you notes" for Day 8 of the Gratitude Challenge. Been meaning to send out postcards from Cebu but never had the chance to do it. I do not even know where the nearest post office is. Worse comes to worst these postcards will be sent out via courier. Haha! My heartfelt thanks to the Gratitude Challenge for "forcing" me to do this task.

I easily came up with five individuals to give the cards to. Fickle-minded me thought it would be nice if I send out the cards to people abroad. So I had a revised list. Then I remembered I do not have their addresses. It would spoil the surprise if I ask for their mailing addresses now. So I stuck with my original list of five people.

I'm sending the cards out to -

#1 - The only person who is consistent in sending me birthday cards, congratulatory notes, etc. Thought it would be a good to send something back and remind the person how much I appreciate the gesture.

#2 - A family member who lives abroad. Another person who sends all kinds of greetings via snail mail. I wish I was that thoughtful.

#3 - My soul sister. Enough said. When the person reads this, she'll know who she is.

#4 - Another card will go out to person whose life has inspired me over the years.

#5 - The last card will go out to a longtime friend who had been present in the different stages of my life. And we became closer because we go through each stage almost at the same time.

I used to have the time to painstakingly send out Christmas cards every year. Then as the years progressed, I got incredibly busy. Let sending out holiday cards be my goal for the holiday season this year.

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  1. This is such a thoughtful and heart-warming way of executing this particular challenge! Kudos to you Irma! You have always been my standard when it comes to personal correspondence.


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