The Gratitude Challenge (Day 9): The Death of a Motherboard

"Enjoy the people around you. Take a moment to appreciate their unique talents, abilities and personalities."

Our laptop crashed. Motherboard problem. I am now borrowing Jed's work laptop to log in my Day 9 entry.

I should be very very upset. Surprisingly I am not. Even if replacing the motherboard is equivalent to a new netbook. Of course, we would rather save the money than purchase a new netbook. My files are all lost, too. But I am really fine. I guess I'm already used to our laptop crashing, or the iTunes would reset, or my external hard drive not being read. At least Isome very important files/documents transferred in my new external hard drive.

A day without a laptop means more free time. This gratitude challenge is working. I'm now looking at the glass half full.

I enjoyed my day with my two boys.

The three of us went to the HP store in the morning to have the laptop checked. When we found out what was wrong, we checked out prices of several netbooks. We had lunch out then ran a few errands. My little boy ended up tired and he was already sleeping in the baby sling. Jed dropped us home as he headed to the resort. Oh, Jed is on vacation leave until next week. Looking forward to spending time with him.

I left my phone which can access the internet in the car. What a day, right?

Javi has my full attention now. I played with him, talked to him, smiled at him, napped with him. He is just adorable. I cannot get enough of him. He is very behaved now as he would napped for a couple of hours allowing me to work around the house.

This little does not even need to do anything, because I love and appreciate him just the way he is.

Jed got home the usual time. We had a hearty dinner. He is such a sweetheart as he ironed my clothes for me. One advantage of a no-househelp-household is my husband ends up doing all these chores I know he would rather not do but because he loves me he does them anyway. I am very very grateful for this.

A motherboard crashing is not too bad after all.

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