The Gratitude Challenge (Day 7): Lovin' Sunday

"Take a picture of one thing, person, place or specific moment that makes you feel grateful. Share it with your social network."

My Sundays are more special now that Jed and I have Javi. It's our family bonding time. We make sure that we get out of the house as Javi and I mostly stay at home during the weekday.

Our typical Sunday starts with breakfast at McDonald's (or maybe Jollibee). We head to church after. Today, Javi was well-behaved. Jed didn't need to walk him around which he does when Javi gets fussy. Sunday is when I try to take a break from cooking so we dine out for lunch.

We'd get dessert some other place. We would pass by a mall to run a few small errands. Not the major ones like picking out the groceries. I'd like to leave our Sunday free to do whatever we want.

I took a photo of my two favorite boys during lunch. I am grateful that Jed is a doting father. When he's home he makes sure he spends time with Javi. He feeds Javi, put him to sleep or just play with him. He is the one who trims Javi's finger and toe nails. because I do a really bad job. I just love watching them together. It's a good feeling. My world revolves around these two.

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