The Gratitude Challenge (Day 5): Thank God It's Friday

"Take five minutes to write about how grateful you are for all of the wonderful things that you currently have in your life. Don't long for what you don't possess - instead, take stock of all the blessings you already enjoy."
This day is a dream. It is the exact opposite of my exhausting yesterday.

I am at my happy place. Household chores all done. Javi napped for a good couple of hours letting me finish what I needed to do. Dinner was prepared way ahead of time.

I spent my late afternoon having a conversation with my little one. He was cooing and smiling. I really hoped I made sense to him. He's all big now. He can, more or less, support his head.

The trip to the mall this morning was also a breeze. Javi was in the baby sling and he was one angelic baby. He probably was amused with what he's seeing. He even slept while I went around and ran errands. There was no crying. Thank God!

Days like these make me appreciate life more.

I have a wonderful husband, an adorable son, and a nice quiet place in Cebu.

I am grateful for this simple life.

And my five minutes are up...

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