The Gratitude Challenge (Day 4): Exhausted

"Write a short message of thanks for some of the "negative" things in your life."
Talk about Murphy's Law, this day had been a test of patience on my part. It started as a typical day for Javi and myself. I was taking care of the little boy sneaking in household chores or surfing the Web while he was napping. So far so good. I worked on my list of chores for the day hoping that if I finished them during the day, I'd have more free time in the evening. Now this meant enduring Javi's cries when he wanted to be carried and I couldn't pick him up.

I started ironing clothes while Javi sat in his infant seat sometimes smiling then crying. And then the power went off. It was almost six in the evening.

Uh-oh. I couldn't do anything else. I couldn't even watch American Idol.

Javi became fussy and started crying. Since I cannot do anything else, I picked him up attempting to rock him to sleep.

Half hour passed. No electricity yet. Javi has not fallen asleep. He appears hungry. So I fed him. He wouldn't drink the milk instead he was smiling at me in the dark. Poor baby as he was sweating because of the heat.

An hour passed and the light on the candle is still burning. I missed American Idol. I couldn't cook dinner. There's a basinful of flipflops I need to clean. Let us not forget the clothes I need to press. Javi is now fussy. I've tried everything - fed him, changed his diaper and clothes, burped him, rock him to sleep, nothing works. I was getting pissed as I'd have to stay up late again to finish the house chores.

Power came back after almost an hour and a half. Time for me to cook dinner. Javi wouldn't let me put him down. I tried everything again and he wouldn't stop. I ended up carrying him while cooking. Yes, I'm a superwoman who by this time is exhausted.

After juggling cooking and taking care of Javi, the doorbell rang and my knight in shining armor is home! I now breathed a sigh of relief.

This is how my typical day goes. It is exhausting. It is hard. But I refuse to give up. I cry once in a while to feel better.

I realized how the Lord is working on me by stretching me as He knows what I am capable of. This is an opportunity to practice patience and grace.

Staying at home and being a house wife and mother is the most difficult "job" I have ever had. It's a 24/7 type of job with no vacation leave and no salary.

But no amount of money could compare to the fulfillment of seeing your child grow up. I will be around for his many firsts. It is a privilege that not all mothers have.

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