The Gratitude Challenge (Day 3): Life in Cebu

"Write about something you feel grateful for in your life today."
Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would end up living here in Cebu.

I have been used to the fast-paced life in Manila where my world revolves around my family, friends, work, places to hang out, gym, etc. The move to Cebu had not been easy. In the first couple of weeks, I refused to leave the house, or do anything. I sulked big time.

Things eventually picked up and I somehow got used to the life here. And then I got pregnant.

My pregnancy hormones resented being in Cebu. I craved for food only found in Bulacan or Manila. wanted to be surrounded by friends. I ended up depressed.

I finally gave birth to Javi, and the situation didn't get any better. I wanted to be closer to family and friends. I felt I did not know how to raise a newborn. I felt so alone.

But this year, I'm slowly beginning to appreciate the simple life here. I finally understood why the Lord brought us here. His plans are indeed perfect.

Jed, Javi and I have our own little world here. There are not many places to go to compared with Manila. But with Javi in our lives now, we really can't go to as many places as before. I appreciate how everything is 10 minutes away. We can leave the house with just one bottle of milk and a diaper and we'd be fine. The three of us would be going around Cebu on weekends trying to discover new places. Later on we can come up with our own list of favorite things to do in Cebu and places to check out.

Our recent trip to Manila made me appreciate the quiet life we have here. I love the place we call home. It's not big, but the size is perfect for us. I do not need a baby monitor as I can hear Javi anywhere in the house. I can easily keep an eye on him while I'm in the kitchen and he's sleeping. Javi and I can run errands and we'd be back home in two hours max.

Manila is a whole different story. It's too much for the little boy (especially for the mom!). Let's wait for him to get a bit bigger.

God has put us exactly where we need to be right now.

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