The Gratitude Challenge (Day 21): The Finish Line

"Reflect on the 21 days of The Gratitude Challenge and what this process has meant to you."
I never thought I'd reach this day. Yes, I finished The Gratitude Challenge. All it took me was commitment.

As I said in the beginning, I wanted more meaning in my life other than being a stay-at-home-wife and mother. It's also a way to force me to blog. I needed to be more positive. I want to appreciate life more. I wanted to veer away from all the hatred and resentment of life. I needed something like The Gratitude Challenge.

I reflected and had all these realizations about my life now--

I began to appreciate the simplicity of my life now.

I surprisingly discovered that I fell in love with Cebu. I now HEART Cebu.

I love the people around me more.

I sent out postcards and letters for the very first time from here. I found the post office. Sort of.

I saw beyond my son's crying fits. He's a happier baby now.

I implemented a "Me" time where I take time to do things that I want.

I am now more generous with my "Thank you's."

I am slowly accepting and understanding the demands of my husband's job.

I am now more open to discovering new things & places and trying out new stuff.

I thank God as often as possible for the life I'm living now.

A big thanks to my two wonderful friends - Malou and Sam - for getting me hooked on this challenge.

It definitely doesn't end here. I will keep on working on improving myself and my life.

I wonder what my next project will be...

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  1. Congratulations! It's feel great to have someone like you in my life who share her own understanding and maturity about life. :)


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