The Gratitude Challenge (Day 18): A Short Note

"For the past three days, you have focused on appreciating what makes you unique. Write about all the things that make you so lovable. Take a moment to appreciate your personal style, talents and charm."
Now how I can write this one when I am very very sleepy. The only thing that I can focus on right now is the bed. It is easier to write about someone else than one's self. You want to avoid sounding conceited.

Now what makes me lovable?
  • I make time to see people I love.
  • I am punctual. I do not like being late.
  • I can sometimes be witty and funny.
  • I remember information and details about those I love.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I have a knack at organization.
  • I am hopeful.
  • I am determined.
And now it's time to sleep.

Good night.

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