The Gratitude Challenge (Day 16): Unpretty

"Stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and focus on at least five things that you love about yourself. Write them down in your journal.
Remember the song Unpretty by TLC?

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The day I am supposed to talk about what I love about myself is the day when I feel most ""unpretty." It's been three months after giving birth, I haven't shed down the weight I gained. Someone even predicted that this is the beginning of me getting huge. I refused to believe that. But then I haven't done anything to shed those pounds. The gym is a place I long to be. Unless they will let me bring Javi, then I won't be seeing my gym for a couple of years.

I also do not have much time for pampering. I really have to make an effort to be well groomed. Thank God for home service, I have someone who waxes the unwanted hair, groom my unruly eyebrows, mani/pedi and massage,.

It would also be nice to update my wardrobe. But with the baby and all, I cannot afford to. I secretly wish that one day, I will fit into those clothes again.

Okay focus on the task --

When I look in the mirror. I can't help but admire my brown eyes. I have my father's eyes. And I think Javi has my eyes, too.

I never had to use whitening products to have my fair complexion. Even if I expose myself to the sun to tan, it doesn't happen.

Though it is shedding a lot now, my hair is black and straight. It does not need hair rebonding or relaxing to keep it straight.

My tummy is stretch mark-free. Yes, I never had them during pregnancy.

I have semi-oily skin which will keep my skin young and less lines than those with dry skin.

According to the song, it's not about the facial/physical features, what matters is what is inside my heart, my mind and my soul.

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