The Gratitude Challenge (Day 13): My Magic Three

"Pick three friends or family members you see regularly. View their actions and gestures through a positive lens, assuming their goodness and witnessing their best intentions."
I am very blessed with these three people in my life --

1. My husband
  • He is very thorough which I need as I tend to act on impulse.
  • He irons clothes for me. Washes the dishes when I know it's his least favorite task.
  • He encourages me to go out and unwind while he takes care of Javi.
  • Soon as he reach home, he would get Javi from me.
  • He makes sure that we go out on weekends.
  • Loves me even when I'm at my worst mood.
2. My son
  • Javi doesn't need to do anything for me to love him. I love him for the way he is. Jed finds it weird that I love the smell of his sweaty feet or hands full of his drool.
  • I'm grateful when he cries, it shows that he needs me to hold him.
  • I'm also grateful for the times when I'd put off house chores to talk or play with him. It shows me how important I am in his life.
  • I'm now an early riser because of him.
  • Boredom is something I have written off from my vocabulary. Everyday with Javi is a new adventure.
  • I am never alone and lonely now.
3. My mother
  • She never stopped being a mother.
  • She still anticipates my needs.
  • She lets me be a mom to Javi the way I want him to raise him. She would ask me how I want to do things, not insist on what she wants. After all, I am the mother.
  • She would ask me how I am almost every single day.

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