The Gratitude Challenge (Day 12): Life's A Beach

"Today, make the effort to live life with a positive outlook. Restrain from criticizing the people around you. Dare to see the glass half full. Listen more than you speak. Give freely of yourself. Practice kindness at every opportunity."

Jed is on leave for a week. Hallelujah for that! As this rarely happens, we went on our first road trip with Javi and hit the beach this Valentine/Chinese New Year weekend.

We were blessed with an opportunity to stay at this beautiful resort in Badian Island. It was so beautiful I seriously want to win the lotto and stay there as long as I could.

My son with the welcome lei.

Being in this resort, it was obviously easy for me to see the glass half full. There really was not much effort on my part to be kinder to people. It came out naturally. I just made sure I was extra nice to the very efficient. I was floored with the excellent service. It was not hard for me to express my gratitude and appreciation to the staff.

Now if everyday would be like this one...

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