The Gratitude Challenge (Day 1)

A Facebook status of my dear friend Malou said that she is accepting/ready for the Gratitude Challenge. This definitely caught my eye, so I asked her what it is about. She sent me a link to the Gratitude Challenge. It is a 21-day challenge to be more positive about life. Wow, now, this is definitely what I need to focus on right now.

Malou, and another friend Sam, started their Gratitude Challenge at the beginning of the year. I wanted so much to do it as the same time as theirs but I was off the internet for a week therefore I could not blog about it. I'd start my own challenge in February. If you wish to know more about how their Gratitude Challenge went, please click on their names and it will lead you to their entries about the 21-day challenge. I hope their lives would inspire you as they have been inspiring me.

Today, I signed The Gratitude Pledge and I'm ready to begin the 21-day challenge.

Life as a stay-at-home wife and mother had been overwhelming. I would find myself crying out of exhaustion. I definitely need this challenge to remind me why I love my life. I have to be looking at the brighter side of life. I am determined to make this a better year for me. Thus making me a better person.

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  1. Looking forward to witness your challenge Irma! :-)

    I am sure it will be great series!


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