The Gratitude Challenge (Day 11): The World According to Javi

"Try to see the world through the eyes of a
child. Think about the things you take for
granted on a daily basis, and then express
gratitude for everything down to the basic
necessities that sustain your current life."

For today, I tried to picture or view the world through the eyes of my son.

Now that I' a mother, I realized how simple a baby's life is. Javi just needs his milk, clean diaper, sleep, and lots of hug from mommy and daddy. When I give him all these, he is happy and content. I know this because Javi gives me lots of smiles - even in his sleep. That's his way of showing his gratitude to me.

Javi does not hold grudges. There would be times when I'd let him cry and could not pick him up. He'd be really frantic even if I assure him that mommy's around but couldn't hold him that time. But the minute that I held him he'd be silent and I'd immediately feel how much this little boy loves me. It did not matter that I let him cry.

A baby does not discriminate. My Javi would smile at everyone who smiles at him.

The best thing about a baby is he doesn't worry about a thing because he trusts and totally depend on - us - his parents. We should live that way - to trust and depend in the Lord completely.

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