I refuse to believe that I am CURSED but...

Oops, I did it again!

Did what again?

Lose a piece of jewelry.

An earring Jed gave me for my birthday two years ago.

I have this history of just losing pieces of real jewelry over the years. My greatest lost would be my engagement ring which I accidentally flushed down the toilet.

And I thought that after that I would have been very very careful.


I said to myself that I only needed a pair of nice diamond earring that I could wear with anything. I was supposed to buy it out of my severance pay but my dearest husband got it for me instead.

So imagine my dismay and disappointed when I was looking for it this morning because I want to wear it, and I couldn't find the one piece. I remembered bringing it with me during our road trip. It could've gotten lost in Badian, or Alcoy, or while I was unpacking. I honestly do not know which point I could've lost it.

I am really sad.

It would take a while for me to replace it. With all the expenses we have right now, replacing the earring is at the end of the line. I would have to wait until the end of the year to receive my dividend. Maybe then it could be replaced.

I am seriously thinking of not buying anything real because I end up losing them anyway. It crossed my mind that when I do have to invest, I am now thinking of buying bags instead of jewelry. Bags, because of its size, are harder to misplace.


  1. sad to hear that... but you know what, when you lost something, it will be replaced by something better. :)let's hold on to that, instead.

  2. Thank you for reminding me, Malou. Jed's not too happy about it. Who would be happy nga naman. Haha!

    I'll hold on to what you said.


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