Ten for 2010

I'm talking about 10 GOALS for 2010.

My sister has inspired me. She put up this status on Facebook listing all her goals for 2010. I remembered putting my own list last year on a planner. Of the list I made last year, half of it came true. And half did not. Well, how could I lose weight and be at the gym at least three times a week when I got pregnant?? Pregnancy is good enough excuse, right?

For 2010, I am believing:
  1. We will find our way back to Manila.
  2. I will be a better wife.
  3. I will enjoy being a mother to Javi.
  4. I want to rejoin my small group in Manila or find a new one while I'm still here in Cebu.
  5. I would like to attend Victory Weekend (I should have listened to my friend and attended one before giving birth. But it's never too late for such thing.)
  6. I would like to work from home.
  7. I want to start baking cupcakes. (I have this obsession for cupcakes.)
  8. I will be frugal and save save save.
  9. I will find ways to keep my wieght down and be healthy minus the gym. (It's impossible to go to the gym while taking care of a baby. Remember, that I chose not to have a yaya.)
  10. We will welcome 2011 in Boracay.


  1. Oh i love baking too. Hope you can stay in Manila and let's bake together while Javi & Isaiah plays together. :)

  2. Malou, I'm believing it'll happen sooner than we think. Grabe ang faith no! Haha!


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