Prayer + Fasting

I have never fasted in my life. My small group leader who happens to be my dearest friend Sam shared the importance of fasting especially when asking for a prayer to be answered as we could clearly hear God's message for us. I recently blogged about my goals for 2010. And for all of it to happen, I need to pray about it. But first, I need to find out if those are God's plans for me and my family.

Last night, Jed expressed his desire to go back to Manila and how we should seriously pray about it.

At church last Sunday, this video invite was played and for some reason I can't seem to get it out of my head. Sam also had posts and updates about fasting. I told her I am interested. Sam sent me material on fasting and I easily downloaded the Devotions Manual from Victory's website. But since I am breastfeeding (or trying very hard with my little milk) I could not fast on food. I thought of eliminating beverages except water and desserts. Then Sam suggested other forms of fasting from the internet, cellphone, etc. I instantly knew what I would abstain from. I will continue with my original plan of no beverage (except water), desserts/sweets and lastly, no internet. I have faith that I can commit to this.

Looking back on how 2009 went for me, I was not satisfied. Yes, I got pregnant, gave birth, and became a mother but it should not be all that I've accomplished. What I remember are my whining, tantrums and depressions - pregnancy and post-partum.

This year. I want to do more and be a better woman of faith. Especially now that I am raising this super cute baby.

As I aspire to become a Proverbs 31 woman, I first need to hear what God has to say to me. What's a little sacrifice when there's so much more in store for me?

I am excited about 2010.


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