Overwhelmed BUT Blessed

  • I finished seven days without the internet, drinks and dessert I actually felt good after. Seven days away from Facebook, Twitter, etc is bliss. My goal next year is to do a liquid fast.
  • I had so much time that week which I spent reading (I finished 4 books!), bonding with my little boy, and preparing myself to be an effective homemaker.
  • A couple of prayers were already answered even before prayer and fasting. My brother called to say he's giving me a phone - a Nokia E75. Another one is a job (a project) was being offered to me. It is exactly what I do at my former job but the best thing is I could work from home.
  • I am now without a househelp. I told my husband that I chose the more difficult road BUT I am more at peace. I have become more prayerful because of it.
  • Jed celebrated his 32nd birthday. We ordered our favorite, crabs. :-)
  • I am suddenly fearless. Found myself driving (I haven't touched a steering wheel for almost a year) one Saturday evening for a girl's night out. Yes, I still have a social life. My dearest husband stayed at home to look after Javi.
  • Jed and I had a massage right here at home. It was heaven! Again, I have not had a massage since I found out I was pregnant.
I love my life. It's not perfect but the Lord has been taking very good care of us.


  1. such an invigorating post, i pray you get to blog more often. i miss you!

  2. Thanks sweetie. I will find the time to blog more. I love writing down my thoughts. It's therapeutic. Miss you, too! See you on Monday.

  3. what a lovely post irma! congrats on your no-internet diet :) would love to do the same sometime!
    belated happy birthday to jed, you're so blessed to have 2 loving boys around you. miss you!

  4. Charley, thanks. I miss you. Hope to see you when I visit Manila next time. It's just challenging to met friends because of my little and the fact that we now stay in Bulacan when we're in Manila.

    The meet-up is going to happen. I have faith.


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