Happy New Year.. Happy New Decade

I welcomed the new millennium, 2000, with the most important man in my life then - my father. Who'd have known that it would be his last New Year? He died from cardiac arrest 15 days after.

Ten years had passed and so much had changed. I now welcome this new decade with not one, but two very important men in my life - my husband and my son.

Photo by Mai Regner

The future is just as bright for my growing family. I look forward to what this year holds for us. Jed just made me realize the highlights of the past three years.

We got married in 2007, moved to Cebu in 2008, and last year was our greatest so far, there's the new car, and of course, our Javier.

The Lord had been so good to us. There's really no reason to lose faith and doubt Him.

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