Chocolate Lace

These goodies are coming with us to Manila. They're known as dentelle au chocolat (chocolate lace) or Belgian chocolate lace cookies. They are paper thin cookies laced with Belgian chocolate.

Had my first bite last Christmas when it was given to us as a gift. I could not stop eating after and I eventually finished the entire container. I spent days tracking down where to buy those goodies as I want to hand them out as post-Christmas gifts to people we are meeting.

Thanks to Google, I learned that these were being sold at Don Merto's Restaurant in their branches in SM City Cebu and at Casa Escano.

This afternoon, we trooped to Casa Esacano and I happily went home with several containers of the cookies. I also found out that they are available in semi-sweet, dark, white and mint chocolate.

Jed and I were enticed with the coziness of the restaurant that we decided to have our late lunch there. After a sip of the onion soup, we both felt we will be back soon to try out more dishes in the menu.

Potato Skins and Pancit ni Maxi

My dining buddies

I was pleased to learn that Don Merto's and Casa Escano is owned by a business contact from my previous job. I like patronizing establishments and products of colleagues.


  1. gosh you made me hungry :-(

  2. Don't worry sweetie, you're getting one. See you tomorrow!

  3. Hi there. I now have your blog bookmarked! I hope I can visit Cebu again and have lunch with you and your family. Happy New year!


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