Mommy's Day Out

As my trip to Manila comes to an end, I found myself walking the streets of Ortigas Center one Friday morning. I agreed to meet two girlfriends for lunch. I opted not to bring Javi this time and leave him with my mother. Apart from Jed, my mother is the only person I would leave Javi with and be at peace. Those of you who have kids know how hard it is to get out of the house with an infant in tow.

It felt strange at first having all these time for myself. Hmm... what to do?

First stop was Sugarhouse in Megamall. I have to have my favorite Concorde cake.

I headed to Podium after where I would meet my friends.

Found myself in the 3rd floor, out loose in my now favorite store. Baby Company. And I forgot that I should've bought a mascara and moisturizer instead.

Then it was time for lunch.

These are the fantastic ladies I've met. Thanks Bib for the yummy lunch. The exchanges with these ladies were even better.

Then I needed to go home and be a mom to my little boy. Oh, how I've missed the MRT especially when it's not crowded.

Tomorrow I'm going back to our quiet life in Cebu being Jed's wife and Javi's mother.

Chocolate Lace

These goodies are coming with us to Manila. They're known as dentelle au chocolat (chocolate lace) or Belgian chocolate lace cookies. They are paper thin cookies laced with Belgian chocolate.

Had my first bite last Christmas when it was given to us as a gift. I could not stop eating after and I eventually finished the entire container. I spent days tracking down where to buy those goodies as I want to hand them out as post-Christmas gifts to people we are meeting.

Thanks to Google, I learned that these were being sold at Don Merto's Restaurant in their branches in SM City Cebu and at Casa Escano.

This afternoon, we trooped to Casa Esacano and I happily went home with several containers of the cookies. I also found out that they are available in semi-sweet, dark, white and mint chocolate.

Jed and I were enticed with the coziness of the restaurant that we decided to have our late lunch there. After a sip of the onion soup, we both felt we will be back soon to try out more dishes in the menu.

Potato Skins and Pancit ni Maxi

My dining buddies

I was pleased to learn that Don Merto's and Casa Escano is owned by a business contact from my previous job. I like patronizing establishments and products of colleagues.

Overwhelmed BUT Blessed

  • I finished seven days without the internet, drinks and dessert I actually felt good after. Seven days away from Facebook, Twitter, etc is bliss. My goal next year is to do a liquid fast.
  • I had so much time that week which I spent reading (I finished 4 books!), bonding with my little boy, and preparing myself to be an effective homemaker.
  • A couple of prayers were already answered even before prayer and fasting. My brother called to say he's giving me a phone - a Nokia E75. Another one is a job (a project) was being offered to me. It is exactly what I do at my former job but the best thing is I could work from home.
  • I am now without a househelp. I told my husband that I chose the more difficult road BUT I am more at peace. I have become more prayerful because of it.
  • Jed celebrated his 32nd birthday. We ordered our favorite, crabs. :-)
  • I am suddenly fearless. Found myself driving (I haven't touched a steering wheel for almost a year) one Saturday evening for a girl's night out. Yes, I still have a social life. My dearest husband stayed at home to look after Javi.
  • Jed and I had a massage right here at home. It was heaven! Again, I have not had a massage since I found out I was pregnant.
I love my life. It's not perfect but the Lord has been taking very good care of us.

Prayer + Fasting

I have never fasted in my life. My small group leader who happens to be my dearest friend Sam shared the importance of fasting especially when asking for a prayer to be answered as we could clearly hear God's message for us. I recently blogged about my goals for 2010. And for all of it to happen, I need to pray about it. But first, I need to find out if those are God's plans for me and my family.

Last night, Jed expressed his desire to go back to Manila and how we should seriously pray about it.

At church last Sunday, this video invite was played and for some reason I can't seem to get it out of my head. Sam also had posts and updates about fasting. I told her I am interested. Sam sent me material on fasting and I easily downloaded the Devotions Manual from Victory's website. But since I am breastfeeding (or trying very hard with my little milk) I could not fast on food. I thought of eliminating beverages except water and desserts. Then Sam suggested other forms of fasting from the internet, cellphone, etc. I instantly knew what I would abstain from. I will continue with my original plan of no beverage (except water), desserts/sweets and lastly, no internet. I have faith that I can commit to this.

Looking back on how 2009 went for me, I was not satisfied. Yes, I got pregnant, gave birth, and became a mother but it should not be all that I've accomplished. What I remember are my whining, tantrums and depressions - pregnancy and post-partum.

This year. I want to do more and be a better woman of faith. Especially now that I am raising this super cute baby.

As I aspire to become a Proverbs 31 woman, I first need to hear what God has to say to me. What's a little sacrifice when there's so much more in store for me?

I am excited about 2010.

Ten for 2010

I'm talking about 10 GOALS for 2010.

My sister has inspired me. She put up this status on Facebook listing all her goals for 2010. I remembered putting my own list last year on a planner. Of the list I made last year, half of it came true. And half did not. Well, how could I lose weight and be at the gym at least three times a week when I got pregnant?? Pregnancy is good enough excuse, right?

For 2010, I am believing:
  1. We will find our way back to Manila.
  2. I will be a better wife.
  3. I will enjoy being a mother to Javi.
  4. I want to rejoin my small group in Manila or find a new one while I'm still here in Cebu.
  5. I would like to attend Victory Weekend (I should have listened to my friend and attended one before giving birth. But it's never too late for such thing.)
  6. I would like to work from home.
  7. I want to start baking cupcakes. (I have this obsession for cupcakes.)
  8. I will be frugal and save save save.
  9. I will find ways to keep my wieght down and be healthy minus the gym. (It's impossible to go to the gym while taking care of a baby. Remember, that I chose not to have a yaya.)
  10. We will welcome 2011 in Boracay.

What Am I Grateful For In 2009?

The Lord has been extremely good to me. There are so much to be grateful for in 2009. My prayers were answered and so much more were provided.

I am grateful for:

A loving and understanding husband
who put up with my pregnancy hormones and postpartum blues.

Another answered prayer.
We specifically prayed for a son and we now have Javier.
It was a relatively easy pregnancy and delivery.

My family whom I miss very much.
Despite the distance, they are always present in my life.

I have wonderful friends.


these random things:

Rogue (new car), Red Mango, Concorde cake, Zara, Gap, Apartment 1B, Greenbelt 5, monthly trips to Manila, mani/pedi at Nail Spa, cupcakes, toffee nut latte, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Glee, Gossip Girl, Corner Bakery, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Bejeweled, Sorority Life, Landmark, Trinoma, Women's Life Group, Victory Cebu, Shangri-la Mactan, birth team at Cebu Doctors and so much more.

Happy New Year.. Happy New Decade

I welcomed the new millennium, 2000, with the most important man in my life then - my father. Who'd have known that it would be his last New Year? He died from cardiac arrest 15 days after.

Ten years had passed and so much had changed. I now welcome this new decade with not one, but two very important men in my life - my husband and my son.

Photo by Mai Regner

The future is just as bright for my growing family. I look forward to what this year holds for us. Jed just made me realize the highlights of the past three years.

We got married in 2007, moved to Cebu in 2008, and last year was our greatest so far, there's the new car, and of course, our Javier.

The Lord had been so good to us. There's really no reason to lose faith and doubt Him.
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