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My favorite TV shows are back.

I anticipated the return of Gossip Girl season 3. I am not really after the values as honestly there are very few. It's fun to watch how the uber rich live their daily lives.

Oh, and there's my favorite Grey's Anatomy. It's now on it's 6th season. I miss the character of George O'Malley.
I cannot believe I missed the season 4 premier of my other ultra favorite, Brothers and Sisters. Thank goodness for my friend Sam's tweet. Otherwise I wouldn't have been updated. I love the Walkers. I can relate to almost each and everyone of them. I've told myself I want a family as close as them. Credit goes out to the family matriarch , Nora Walker, played by the very fine actress Sally Field.

Thanks to Twitter, I discovered this new show called Glee. It sounds High School Musical like. My best friend said I am bound to enjoy the musical performances.

I can already see my future, watching new episodes of my favorite shows while breastfeeding Javi.

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