When I moved here in Cebu, I was stunned to find out that the simple things I enjoy back in Manila are not available here.

You'll be surprised that grocery stores and supermarkets here do not sell:

Gardenia bread

Pre-cut salad greens

Last weekend, Jed and I went around buying baby stuff, and we had a hard time looking for plain white garterized baby mittens.

Today, I checked out the Marks & Spencer store in Ayala Center Cebu and could not believe that they do not sell nursing bras. If I had known that that would be the case, I'd have bought in Manila two weeks ago. But then I followed the advices to purchase nursing bras closer to the due date. Sigh...

You bet I am frustrated. But then I realized how these situations teach me to be more resourceful, flexible, and content. And that I'll manage with whatever's available here. People here survive, so will I.

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