Baby Showers

On my last trip to Manila before I give birth, I made sure I spent time with the special people who matter - my family and closest friends. It's also the time for baby showers. Who'd have thought I'd end up with three??

It was supposed to be just one baby shower thrown by Neyza and Ding, but then several friends could not make it resulting to two more get-togethers.

My long time friend Tammy, who I've known since grade school hosted a dinner for me in their lovely home. She invited our friends from grade school and high school. Confirmation was a 100%.

Being a new mom as well, Tammy's been a big help throughout this pregnancy. And when I feel clueless, I'd be texting or e-mailing her and she'd get back to me with so many useful information.

With Tammy, and the entire group
Photos from Samantha

My former colleagues and friends from the Canadian Embassy threw a sort of baby shower for me at Cafe Breton. I couldn't remember a time I laughed that much. For a while I was scared Cafe Breton would kick us out because we were too loud. A few of us transferred to Cafe Havana next door after a few hours, and the conversations continued.

My embassy friends + with Javi's Ninang Che

We waited for Fe at Cafe Havana

My real baby shower happened on a Sunday afternoon in Conti's in Serendra hosted by Neyza, Ding and my brother. Jed was there, and so were my family. And our favorite couples (Sam + Rob, Malou + Kris, and Joel + Joy) made the afternoon more fun.

The invitation and my organizers

A hearty laugh from my family

My small group and HS friends
Photos from Samantha

I'd truly miss everyone. Jed and I are so blessed with all these friendships, and their little something for our baby Javi.

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