Pregnant Poses

I love what pregnancy's done to me. So far so good.

I feel great. People say I look good. And I'm having a baby boy! Now that's really a surprise as pregnancy usually tends to stress out the mothers-to-be of baby boys.

At 24 weeks or 6 months

At 28 weeks or 7 months

While I could only fit in a number of clothes, and have been wearing Jed's boxer shorts at home, that does not stop me from dressing up when we go out. I refuse to buy maternity clothes. Except for a couple of bottoms. I figured that if I'll only use them for a few months, then it's not worth the money. I did invest in dresses last year and that's what I've been wearing. If I'd have to buy clothes or tops, stores now sells a lot of loose clothes which I could fit into. I'd still want to wear the clothes I'm wearing now after I give birth. One has to be practical these days.

There are no ruffled dresses in my closet or pastel colored clothes. I am into solid colors - purple, yellow, green, red, turquoise, brown and black. I love wearing black! I'm not the type who believes in pamahiins. I wear what I want to in any color I want as long as it feels comfortable and I look good in it.


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  2. you look stunning! keep posting pics up to the last month to inspire moms to be :-)


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