What’s To Love About Cebu?

Moving to Cebu was more difficult than I imagined. If I didn't love my husband, moving here would not have crossed my mind. Visit, yes. But settle here, even temporarily, no.

I miss Manila and wish I am back there almost every single day. But I know I needed to be here with my husband.

Adjusting to the life here was a big struggle for me. One of my girlfriends constantly reminded me to manage my expectations. I still haven’t adjusted fully ( I don’t think I ever will – at the back of my mind I know we’re only here temporarily), but I am getting by.

Living here has taught me to live simpler. I gasped the first few times I was in a supermarket here and could not find a Gardenia bread or those ready-to-eat salad greens. Imagine my dismay when I entered the moviehouses here, and almost cried as I truly miss the moviehouses in Glorietta, Greenbelt, Trinoma, Powerplant and Shangri-la Plaza. For me, it’s the end of my movie watching days. In the absence of Zara and Gap, I never shopped for clothes, except for my biking shorts. I do not need new clothes anyway as I stopped going to work. Do not get me started on the restaurants and food I miss. On my first trimester of pregnancy, I was craving for the simple taho, lugaw and pancit from Bulacan. Jed had to look for a taho vendor around Cebu City which took him almost an hour. Well, the bottom line is I can definitely save money here as I rarely go out and temptations (shopping malls) are out of the way.

Now, let’s go back to my subject, what I love about Cebu?
  • There is never a shortage of taxis. I just stand outside our street and a taxi would stop almost immediately.
  • We are 10 minutes away from everything – the mall, restaurants, hospital, and church. The resort is a completely different story. But then Jed’s commute to work is less stressful than threading the streets of Metro Manila.
  • Our apartment’s location is pretty central yet I could see trees everywhere, hear birds chirping in the morning and the air seems cleaner here.
  • We are half an hour away from the beach or the mountains.
  • Hola Espana has the best churros.
  • Delicious and affordable food from Café Laguna, Abuhan and Golden Cowrie.
  • Pizza from Acqua and Giuseppe.
  • Abaseria’s adobong bangus belly.
  • Restaurants like Rica’s.
  • Local bakeshops like Kate’s and Leona’s.
  • Sbarro's never get full in Cebu.
  • Driving is easier here. I feel like I’m back in Bulacan.
  • Best corn-on-the-cob from Busay.
  • Cost of living here is generally lower compared to Manila.
  • Peace and quiet. No distractions.
Jed and I knew why we needed to be here in Cebu. We got pregnant! And being here entailed an easy pregnancy for me. I’m on my 25th week, and I never had to be on bed rest.

Cebu has brought Jed and I closer. It’s all about us here, and no one else. We struggled together, learned from each other encouraged one another, and grew stronger as a couple.

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