What Are Little Boys Made Of

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails And puppy-dogs' tails,

That's what little boys are made of.

God never failed us. Jed and I prayed for a baby boy, and our prayer got answered. Praise God!

We went for my congenital scanning yesterday. I dreaded this moment. Scared of the findings of the scan. Of the baby's gender.

Everyone who has seen me pregnant has told me, I look like I am carrying a girl. Everyone, except three people - my dear brother, and two friends from my former workplace. Deep inside, I know the Lord will not fail me. He never has. Still, the thought of finding out the gender seemed nerve wracking for me.

I was all smiles during the scan, happy to see how my baby is growing. Jed was also in the room, and I was glad he was experiencing it with me. We saw the baby's face, arms, hands, body, spine, legs, and the cute baby feet. Our baby was showing us how active he is. He kept on moving around.

Then the doctor asked if we wanted to find out the gender. I answered her nervously, "Yes." She asked what's our guess, and I told her we wanted a boy but everyone's telling us we might be having a girl. And then she pointed out something in the screen. Well well well, look at we have -- a baby boy!!

I was close to tears. I just know God will not let us down. This wonderful news brought back the joy in my heart. Jed and I were ecstatic. We spent the day window shopping for things the baby would need. I showed him the crib I wanted. We checked out prices of diapers, etc.

Another chapter in our life is about to begin. We look forward to welcoming our son in to this world.

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