Five Things I Miss Most

Being pregnant is life changing. It also means sacrificing a few things for nine months (or more as I intend to breastfeed).

The things I miss most are:

1. Caffeine - No coffee or any colas as it can weaken the baby's heart.

2. Massage -May cause contractions. I find it ironic as I feel I needed massage the most when my body is aching all over due to all the changes.

3. Fitness First Group Exercise - Before I found out I was on the way, I was attending five classes a week: Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Balance, Body Attack and Cycling. Now I can only do prenatal yoga at home.

4. Alcohol - I'm no alcoholic nor do I drink a lot. However, there are times when I'd wish Jed and I could have a nightcap and we'd both be sipping something alcoholic. I always end up drinking steamed milk instead as I can't have coffee, too.

5. Junk Food - I'm supposed to cut down my salt intake which means no chips or anything salty for me. Once in a while, I would crave for my favorite Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream chips or the Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Yes, I know they're unhealthy and I'm probably better off without them.

I told my husband to please bring me a cup of caramel macchiato in the hospital after I give birth. But I don't think he will give in to my request as he knows I would like to breastfeed. And he knows that whatever food I eat or drink will also be passed on to our son.

Tsk tsk tsk for me.

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