Life Is Unfair

In my Facebook profile, my favorite quotation goes:
Life is never fair.... only God is.
I may have heard or read about this somewhere or a famous person said something to this effect.

Right now, my heart bleeds for this one lady who is involved in a scandal. My best friend described the situation very clearly in her Facebook status. She couldn't keep silent out of disgust with the latest developments. She said:
She comes from a decent family. She has loved ones hurting right now and are forced to get separated from her because of this stupid people, who spread the videos. She is a daughter, a sister, a relative, and a good friend to other people. But now she has to live another life to escape what Hayden did to her.
I just hate it. He is a pig and will always be. While the others responsible for the spread of the video are just the same. They should be the ones separated from their loved ones. They should be the ones hiding. They should be the ones living in fear, not the girl. But the girl is forever casticated, thanks to these pigs.

Yup, everything (her whole life) crumbled right in front of her.
When the sex videos came out, it never crossed my mind that I have to see it. I believed what I heard and there never was the need to validate or confirm who was in the video by watching it. And I have very high respect for those people who chose not to watch them, too. If people would stop watching the videos, then we're putting an end to this controversy. Those who had seen it and think maliciously of it and invite more people to see it, are no different from the pervert who filmed the video (without consent) and the cruel persons who uploaded it on the Net.

I am disgusted with people who call themselves relatives of this victim but went ahead and watched the videos. Does not your religion or church prohibit this type of material? What for? So they could judge the poor girl? Instead of consoling and supporting her by not joining the bandwagon and being one less person who had not watched it, they end up condoning her when she clearly is a victim. This makes me so angry.

I pray for this lady every single day. This may be her darkest hour. I have asked the Lord to protect and console her. I honestly could do nothing for her or her family. I have faith in God, that He will bring them through this. All who are responsible for this atrocious act will pay in the end. God will make sure of that.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, I always think of that girl each time I hear news on the videos.

    tsk tsk.

    Life will never be fair for her.

    Miss ya irms!


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