Merry Month of May

I will be traveling the friendly skies more this month. Yay!

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I have two trips to Manila and one trip to Bohol this month.

The Manila trips are happening because my wonderful husband is off to his business trips. And our deal was while he is abroad, I could go to Manila. While I would miss his terribly, I am also excited to be in Manila. I'm now on my second trimester of pregnancy and it would be very safe to travel by air. Morning sickness is rarely experienced at this point. Hopefully, it's adios to nausea and queasiness.

I am excited to be back in Manila. I can just picture the amount of frozen yoghurt I would be consuming. And the cupcakes! I'm afraid it won't just be desserts that I'll be looking for. My appetite is back. And food taste great again. I have to watch what I eat. I can't gain too much weight.

Of course, there are the movies that I can't wait to watch in a THX-equipped moviehouse. I already have plans to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the second time with my siblings.

As I'm making two trips, I could catch up with more friends. Those that I can't meet on the first trip, I'd definitely see on the next one.

I'm happy that I'd be with my mother on Mother's day. My family would get to celebrate like old times.

I have to go. As I haven't started packing my things yet.

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  1. Hi irms :) naghahabol ako ng entries mo :)

    Happy mother's day mwah!

    by the way I moved my main blog: to a webhost, left LJ na.



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