Judy Ann and Ryan

I am not a fan of Judy Ann and Ryan. But somehow, the news that the two of them got married this morning made my day. I have seen Ryan walked the halls of La Salle in college. He just started doing commercials then. On the other hand, I have never seen Judy Ann Santos in person.

Photo from www.inquirer.net

I love intimate weddings. Destination weddings. Solemn weddings.

It somehow reminded me of the JFK Jr. - Carolyn Besset wedding. How all details were kept from the public. How guests were whisked off to an unknown destination. The public was somehow misled - wrong date, wrong venue. I love it!!

And for people their stature, it is impossible to put together a simple wedding. Well, they managed to pull it off. I was very impressed that they only had three pairs of principal sponsors. And they did not make money by selling the rights to cover their wedding to any TV network.

Judy Ann's image drastically changed when she started dating Ryan. She improved for the better. Ryan was a good influence on her. I'm sure they are both right for each other.

They deserved the beautiful wedding that they had.

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