I Keep Coming Back To Manila!

Jed and I are making an impulsive trip to Manila. While I'm still on my first trimester of pregnancy, my OB gave me a go-signal to travel to Manila.

I miss home so much - my family, friends.. and everything about the city.

My pregnancy hormones hate Cebu.

I hope this feeling ends soon.

In the meantime, I have never felt this excited to travel to Manila. Although, I cannot have the same hectic schedule as before. I have to remind myself to take it easy. This means I would not be able to meet with everyone I want to see. My mother would most likely be reminding me to just stay in the house.

I am excited to be traveling to Manila with Jed again.

Ah, the city life...


  1. wow

    kung lagi ka sa manila
    labas tayo minsan!

  2. High Street uli? Hindi ako nakapunta sa High Street last week so next trip kailangan makadaan uli. ;-)


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