Judy Ann and Ryan

I am not a fan of Judy Ann and Ryan. But somehow, the news that the two of them got married this morning made my day. I have seen Ryan walked the halls of La Salle in college. He just started doing commercials then. On the other hand, I have never seen Judy Ann Santos in person.

Photo from www.inquirer.net

I love intimate weddings. Destination weddings. Solemn weddings.

It somehow reminded me of the JFK Jr. - Carolyn Besset wedding. How all details were kept from the public. How guests were whisked off to an unknown destination. The public was somehow misled - wrong date, wrong venue. I love it!!

And for people their stature, it is impossible to put together a simple wedding. Well, they managed to pull it off. I was very impressed that they only had three pairs of principal sponsors. And they did not make money by selling the rights to cover their wedding to any TV network.

Judy Ann's image drastically changed when she started dating Ryan. She improved for the better. Ryan was a good influence on her. I'm sure they are both right for each other.

They deserved the beautiful wedding that they had.

Holy Week in Manila

We arrived Manila with no definite plans on how we will spend our Holy Week. My only goal was to eat the food I missed and see as much friends as I could.

Here are the highlights of our Manila trip:

1. Jed purchased his very own Yamaha PSR3000. He misses playing the keyboard, and it's about time he owns one. He has the talent and its a waste if he won't put it to use. Now, he could play beautiful music for me and the baby in my womb.

Photo from www.musiciansfriend.com

2. Meeting friends!!

It was a spontaneous trip and we had nothing specific planned. As much as we would like to meet all our friends, we did not have that much time. We only met with a few close friends.

at Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe with our favorite married couples
(Photo from Rob & Samantha Johnson)

Dinner with my best girls at Chili's in Greenbelt 5

3. I was raised a Catholic and in our family Holy Week is a very solemn time. I was never allowed to go out except do "Holy Week stuff" like trips to the church. etc.

So last Maundy Thursday was a first for me to do something "different." Jed and I met up with Rob and Sam, and Kris and Malou, together with their friend Michelle, and we toured the city of Manila. I truly enjoyed the day with these group of wonderful people. We rode the calesa while going around the walled city. We took a sunset cruise of Manila Bay. And the best dinner at Harbor View restaurant.

In Intramuros posing with the friars
(Photo from Rob & Samantha Johnson)

The best sunset is at Manila Bay

4. It's all about FOOD!

My appetite is back as soon as I landed in Manila. I was craving for almost everything - frozen yoghurt, taho, Tita Pining's lugaw, my mother's cooking, the chicken noodle soup at Pho Hoa, cheeseburger from Tropical Hut, Pepper Lunch and the list goes on. Now these are the things that I can't find in Cabu (except maybe for taho).

5. Trips to the malls = shopping. There was the Powerplant Mall, SM Megamall, Shangri-la Plaza, the new Greenbelt and Trinoma. I am having a hard time fitting into my clothes. I needed to buy maternity shorts. It was strange going into a maternity store for the first time.

I missed out a trip to Bonifacio High Street/Serendra. I intended to buy those cupcakes but we did not have the time anymore. I even planned to watch a movie, but we had so many things going on and that was not possible. I do not need to worry because another trip to Manila is coming up soon.

Happy days are here again!

I Scream For Ice Cream

Have you tasted the new Selecta Gold Series by the three top Manila chefs?? The packaging alone made me buy a pint of Berry Strawberry. I was happy to learn that it was created by Cirkulo's Chef J Gamboa. Chef J is close to my heart as I have worked with him at events of the Canadian Embassy. I looked forward to meetings with him as he would serve the best halo-halo which is found in Milkyway Cafe.

By the way, have you seen the commercial?

If that did not entice you, I do not know what will.

Rustan's Supermarket is giving away free scoop of the Selecta Gold Series ice cream for every 500 pesos purchase. Jed and I were entitled to five scoops yesterday. Since I had tried the Berry Strawberry, I chose a scoop each of the Chocolate Truffle and Hazelnut Brownie.

Oh my, it was very good. I kept on repeating how good it tasted as we walked out of the supermarket.

Well, I have heard good reviews of Bistro Filipino by Chef Rolando Laudico and of course, Chelsea, where Chef Sau del Rosario comes from, has been a favorite of mine.

I Keep Coming Back To Manila!

Jed and I are making an impulsive trip to Manila. While I'm still on my first trimester of pregnancy, my OB gave me a go-signal to travel to Manila.

I miss home so much - my family, friends.. and everything about the city.

My pregnancy hormones hate Cebu.

I hope this feeling ends soon.

In the meantime, I have never felt this excited to travel to Manila. Although, I cannot have the same hectic schedule as before. I have to remind myself to take it easy. This means I would not be able to meet with everyone I want to see. My mother would most likely be reminding me to just stay in the house.

I am excited to be traveling to Manila with Jed again.

Ah, the city life...
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