Via's Cebu Visit

A family member finally stayed over in our home in Cebu. And it's my sister, Via. For overnight only.

She was in Cebu for 4 days, and she spent her the first two nights with her co-workers. She's been to places I've never been, and even tried the Edge Roller Coaster at Crown Regency. Talk about bravery! She's so unlike me. I have fear of heights.

We spent our time together eating out, and showing her I could drive around Cebu.

For lunch, I brought her to Casa Verde where she tried the baby back ribs for less than 200 pesos.

Lunch at Casa Verde

We decided to walk around Ayala Center and we found ourselves in Postrio for dessert.


I wanted to show her where Jed works. So we drove to Mactan Island, to Shangri-la's Mactan Resort and Spa. I was craving for the pizza at Acqua. We treated my sister to dinner there. Via was so impressed with the resort, and is taking of ways to save money so next time she goes to Cebu, she could afford a room at the Shangri-la.

Dinner at Acqua

The following morning, before we dropped Via off at the airport, Jed decided to bring her to Tops. We bought breakfast from McDonalds and ate it in Tops. We stayed for a few minutes only as the heat is getting unbearable. And that was why people do not normally go to Tops in the morning. But at least my sister had a good view of Cebu which I think is way better than when she was at the Edge Roller Coaster.

Via at Tops

Now that I chose not to travel, until my first trimester is over, I feel happy when family and friends visit Cebu. Their visits make me miss Manila less.

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