Mood Uplifter

I had been down lately. My "morning sickness" strikes any time of the day. I feel nauseous most of the time. Thank goodness, I have not been throwing up yet.

Plus I miss Manila. I miss my family. My mother's cooking. My girlfriends. The malls in Manila. The moviehouses. The restaurants.

Yes, I stopped watching movies in Cebu. I cannot stand the moviehouses here. To think I'm one big movie fan. It's kind of sad to just end my weekly trips to the moviehouse.

I blame this strange mood to my hormones. Most of the time, I cannot give a logical reason why I feel a certain way.

This morning, my bestfriend asked to me go online which I did. She announced she wants to buy something for the baby. And she needs to show me if I approve of what she picked. Then I was looking at this photo of a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.

This is wonderful!! I loved it. She got me really excited about my pregnancy. No wonder my bestfriend will be the godmother of my child. She is already looking after the baby before it even comes out.

So I found myself browsing through the collection of Petunia Pickle Bottom. I am immediately inspired. It gave me an idea of how the colors and type of clothes/accessories the baby would need. While I certainly cannot afford buying from Petunia Pickle Bottom, I will looking for a comparable substitute.

And my search begins....


  1. ano ba itsura ng sinehan dyan?
    hindi ba disente yun moviehouse sa ayala cebu?

    happy monday, irms!!!
    sarap at holiday

  2. Rafter, I'm sure you remember how the old Greenbelt 1 looks like. Ganon! Made of Adobe pa.


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