Discovering Moalboal

One weekend in our home in the city, Jed and I were truly bored and sick of the city. Our definition of the city are the two major malls - SM Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu. Jed had Monday and Tuesday off, and that would be ample time to discover what the island of Cebu boasts of.

We took out our Cebu guide book, and read on places that we could go. Our only condition was we would drive and not take the ferry. Scratch off Bantayan Island and Malapascua from our list. We are now down to three: San Fernando, Badian and Moalboal. We read up on the city of Carcar, but we both wanted the beach.

Jed stayed up all night researching on which resorts to go to. He was on the phone with friends to get their opinion and suggestions.

From the remaining three on our list, we learned that San Fernando houses the expensive Pulchra Resort while Badian is the home of the beautiful and pricey Badian Island Resort & Spa. Well, scratch that. We would rather not pay that much for our impulsive out-of-town trip. And that leaves us with Moalboal.

Jed asked around for directions to Moalboal, and we were off early Monday morning. We made a trip to the South of Cebu which took us three hours to reach our place of destination. We were awed by the sceneries that met us on our way. It truly confirms how beautiful this country is.

Without a specific resort in mind, we ended up staying at Club Serena Resort. We had one treehouse to ourselves. Jed and I just relaxed at the sight of the beach. We loved how "isolated" the beach area seemed. That we had the place to ourselves.

Let me share our photos from our impulsive overnight trip.

Hope you have the chance to visit Moalboal, too.

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