Mood Uplifter

I had been down lately. My "morning sickness" strikes any time of the day. I feel nauseous most of the time. Thank goodness, I have not been throwing up yet.

Plus I miss Manila. I miss my family. My mother's cooking. My girlfriends. The malls in Manila. The moviehouses. The restaurants.

Yes, I stopped watching movies in Cebu. I cannot stand the moviehouses here. To think I'm one big movie fan. It's kind of sad to just end my weekly trips to the moviehouse.

I blame this strange mood to my hormones. Most of the time, I cannot give a logical reason why I feel a certain way.

This morning, my bestfriend asked to me go online which I did. She announced she wants to buy something for the baby. And she needs to show me if I approve of what she picked. Then I was looking at this photo of a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.

This is wonderful!! I loved it. She got me really excited about my pregnancy. No wonder my bestfriend will be the godmother of my child. She is already looking after the baby before it even comes out.

So I found myself browsing through the collection of Petunia Pickle Bottom. I am immediately inspired. It gave me an idea of how the colors and type of clothes/accessories the baby would need. While I certainly cannot afford buying from Petunia Pickle Bottom, I will looking for a comparable substitute.

And my search begins....

Via's Cebu Visit

A family member finally stayed over in our home in Cebu. And it's my sister, Via. For overnight only.

She was in Cebu for 4 days, and she spent her the first two nights with her co-workers. She's been to places I've never been, and even tried the Edge Roller Coaster at Crown Regency. Talk about bravery! She's so unlike me. I have fear of heights.

We spent our time together eating out, and showing her I could drive around Cebu.

For lunch, I brought her to Casa Verde where she tried the baby back ribs for less than 200 pesos.

Lunch at Casa Verde

We decided to walk around Ayala Center and we found ourselves in Postrio for dessert.


I wanted to show her where Jed works. So we drove to Mactan Island, to Shangri-la's Mactan Resort and Spa. I was craving for the pizza at Acqua. We treated my sister to dinner there. Via was so impressed with the resort, and is taking of ways to save money so next time she goes to Cebu, she could afford a room at the Shangri-la.

Dinner at Acqua

The following morning, before we dropped Via off at the airport, Jed decided to bring her to Tops. We bought breakfast from McDonalds and ate it in Tops. We stayed for a few minutes only as the heat is getting unbearable. And that was why people do not normally go to Tops in the morning. But at least my sister had a good view of Cebu which I think is way better than when she was at the Edge Roller Coaster.

Via at Tops

Now that I chose not to travel, until my first trimester is over, I feel happy when family and friends visit Cebu. Their visits make me miss Manila less.

Thanking God for Answered Prayers

I do not know how many times I would need to remind everyone how the Lord answers prayers. Oh, He does!

Not just for Jed and me, but for a lot of people, too.

Whenever we pray at night, our list of things we want to thank God for never ran out.

Ask and you shall receive...
Recently, we have been very specific on what we pray for. We prayed for the car we wanted, and He gave it to us.

At my small group meetings, I would ask my friends to help me pray for a baby. Jed and I planned to try for a baby a year after we got married. I know several people would raise their eyebrows on this decision, but we wanted a full year to adjust to married life and enjoy each other's company without a third member. We were right to do that. Adjusting to married life was harder than I thought. And I am grateful I am only taking care of Jed on our first year. If we already had our baby, we would not have moved to Cebu in a heartbeat.

So when the home pregnancy test kit showed me two lines last Monday, I immediately uttered words of thanks to the Lord. We were specific in our prayers - to be pregnant during the first quarter of the year. And it happened!

A visit to the OB confirmed that Jed and I are pregnant. And that was when I started telling people about the good news. I am on my 5th week, and is estimated to give birth on my birthday month. Now, how cool is that!?!

My husband is probably the happiest person on earth right now. Coming in close second happiest is my mother whose life long dream is to have a grandchild.

And I continue to pray this time for a healthy pregnancy (no complications, Lord!), a healthy baby, and for God's continued provision. I believe He will prepare me for this new chapter in our lives.

Discovering Moalboal

One weekend in our home in the city, Jed and I were truly bored and sick of the city. Our definition of the city are the two major malls - SM Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu. Jed had Monday and Tuesday off, and that would be ample time to discover what the island of Cebu boasts of.

We took out our Cebu guide book, and read on places that we could go. Our only condition was we would drive and not take the ferry. Scratch off Bantayan Island and Malapascua from our list. We are now down to three: San Fernando, Badian and Moalboal. We read up on the city of Carcar, but we both wanted the beach.

Jed stayed up all night researching on which resorts to go to. He was on the phone with friends to get their opinion and suggestions.

From the remaining three on our list, we learned that San Fernando houses the expensive Pulchra Resort while Badian is the home of the beautiful and pricey Badian Island Resort & Spa. Well, scratch that. We would rather not pay that much for our impulsive out-of-town trip. And that leaves us with Moalboal.

Jed asked around for directions to Moalboal, and we were off early Monday morning. We made a trip to the South of Cebu which took us three hours to reach our place of destination. We were awed by the sceneries that met us on our way. It truly confirms how beautiful this country is.

Without a specific resort in mind, we ended up staying at Club Serena Resort. We had one treehouse to ourselves. Jed and I just relaxed at the sight of the beach. We loved how "isolated" the beach area seemed. That we had the place to ourselves.

Let me share our photos from our impulsive overnight trip.

Hope you have the chance to visit Moalboal, too.
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